Aredis Corrida

Wednesday, August 5

Aredis Corrida

Bolesworth Elite Auction

Lot 4 Aredis Corrida  

This Stunning filly is by the world famous sire Cornet Obolensky. Cornet Obolensky is a house hold name in the world of showjumping. As a sire cornet Obolensky had been consistently in the top ten of the WBFSH sire rankings for many many years. Having more than 80 places in international competition himself with his rider Marko Kutcher and having produced offspring such as Comme Il Faut, Clooney 51, Cannavaro to name but a few. This stallion is clearly a wonderful choice to produce an international showjumping horse.

Aredis Corrida benefits from not only having a famous and talented father but also comes from a truly enviable mother line containing no less than 14 1.40m+ horses. Aredis Corrida's Mother (Jonka Van Maarle) is Full sister to 1.60m horse Idento Van Maarle, is Maternal sister to 1.40m horse Donbito and 1.50m horse Fonka and of course is maternal sister to Scott brash's 1.60m, Pavarotti Van De Helle gelding, Bon Ami.

With some seriously impressive breeding this filly will undoubtedly go very far in the sport. Congratulations Steve Pullan