AES UK Select Studbook

AES UK Select Studbook

The AES UK Select Studbook and Premium Programme provides an exceptional service and recognition to those breeders who go above and beyond in aiming to breed the very highest quality horses for the future. 

The purpose of the select programme is to lay a solid foundation for the future, as the studbook continues to grow, and to provide a comprehensive state-of-the-art programme of evaluation to support our breeders. 


To participate in the Premium Programme, horses and foals must be entered in the AES Select Studbook. Mares and Stallions can enter the programme via grading, and foals can enter the programme via registration.

The select studbook is open to horses who have full three generation pedigrees and are by a stallion who is fully licensed by a WBFSH member studbook. In addition, outcrosses are permitted, for example to full Thoroughbreds or Arabs. DNA samples must be submitted for pedigree verification.

To be registered into the AES Select Studbook, foals need to be out of AES graded mares, and submit DNA samples for full parentage verification. 

The programme is open foals born from 2021 and to older AES registered horses who can apply for an upgrade. 

To be eligible for grading for the purpose of her offspring to be entered into the AES Select Studbook, mares need to have main studbook, full pedigree papers with the AES or another WBFSH member studbook. Thoroughbred and Arab mares are also eligible to enter the programme for the purpose of adding blood into the programme, and other sport horse and pony lines will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be eligible as long as they comply with the overarching breeding goal.

Mare gradings and youngstock evaluations are available in physical and virtual format.

The AES Select Premium Programme

The AES Select Premium Programme is reserved for horses entered into the AES Select Studbook. It offers special recognition and rewards for its very best and highest achieving foals and horses. Not only will this provide valuable feedback to breeders and owners, this will also help to build potential buyers’ confidence in our foals, knowing that they and their mothers have been through a thorough and comprehensive evaluation programme and achieved certain accolades.

The highest scoring candidates in the different categories will be awarded one or several of the following premiums:

The AES Select Type Premium

This Premium is awarded to foals and horses who particularly impress with exceptional conformation and movement and have gained an average mark of 8 or higher for this element of their inspection.

The AES Select Health Premium

This Premium is awarded to foals and horses whose soundness and conformation has been evaluated by a veterinarian, and who have gained a mark of 8 or higher for this element of their inspection. In addition, to gain this premium, DNA samples will be subjected to testing for known health conditions such as WFFS, the results of which will be recorded on the database.

The AES Select Performance Premium

This Premium is available to the older horses in the Select Studbook, and it will be awarded based on national and international performance records. 

The AES Select Legacy Premium

This Premium recognises the achievements and contributions of horses in breeding exceptional offspring. It is awarded at the discretion of the evaluation panel for achievements of a horse’s offspring, including their studbook evaluations, gradings, shows and affiliated competitions. 

The AES also fully recognises the British Breeding Futurity results, and the results, including linear scores of the Futurity are fully compatible with the Select Studbook system, which means that Futurity foals and youngsters require no additional AES inspection, but their mothers must still be presented.