Statement regarding ECS letters

Thursday, June 30

Statement regarding ECS letters

Dear AES Clients,

We at the Anglo European Studbook offer excellent value for money to our breeders and try to keep the costs of our passports at an absolute minimum, supporting you where we can.

In order to be able to offer a high quality service at affordable prices, we are reliant on all our breeders paying their bills in a timely manner.

It is a matter of regret to us that in a very small number of cases, some may occasionally forget to pay their bills. We ask for your understanding that steps have to be taken to recover the debt if payment reminders remain ignored. It is our desire to treat all our clients equally and with fairness.

Some of you will have been receiving letters from a Europe wide debt collection agency, which has raised a few questions:

1. Is this a bona fide agency?
Yes, the ECS(European Credit Solutions) is a company employed by the AES to recover its debt. As the AES has clients in several European countries, a European company was chosen.

2. Why did I receive this letter?
When our records show that a particular payment is outstanding, our policy is first of all to send a reminder. After four reminders, the details are automatically passed on to ECS, who will then contact the client directly.

3. I did not receive a reminder, why is that?
We are aware of a very small number of cases where reminders have not been received. We believe that the most likely explanation is a mistake on the contact details. Often, we receive those details in handwritten form (for example on a covering certificate), which may create issues with legibility. We apologise sincerely if you have been affected by this and would encourage you to contact the office.

4. Will I be charged any additional fees?
Unlike other collection agencies, our arrangement with ECS is such that at first notification, no additional costs or fees have been added to the money that is shown as outstanding on our records, so that no financial penalties are applied this time.

If you have been in receipt of a letter, and consider this to be the result of an error, please do not hesitate to give our office a call, so we can answer any questions and take steps to resolve any issues.

Please rest assured that we value all our customers and want to work together to resolve these matters as quickly as possible.