Anglo European Studbook UK

The AES is a highly regarded studbook registering quality sport horses. With members throughout Europe via our daughter society in the Netherlands, our name stands for quality-bred horse. Simply send us the following:

  • The Covering Certificate fully completed with the horses dam and sire at the time of covering.
  • The ID markings diagram completed by a vet on the reverse of the Covering certificate - this must have been done while the foal is still with its mother, before weaning*.
  • If the dam and sire are not registered with the AES we require a photocopy of their pedigrees and registration papers.
  • Your name, address and contact number as the owner, and full details of the breeder, if different.
  • You can send a cheque for the correct amount** made payable to AES Ltd. Otherwise you can pay on receipt of invoice via bank transfer (see payments page for correct amounts and payment instructions)

*If this has not been done and the horse is weaned, if your vet knows the foal and mother and can confirm the foal is out of the mare on the covering certificate, a letter confirming this from the vet is sufficient. If this is not possible please contact the office, as we will require a DNA test. 

PLEASE NOTE: We require copies of actual registration documents for the dam and stallion if they are not already known by the AES (e.g. previous offspring has already been registered). WE DO NOT ACCEPT hand written pedigrees. 

If all the above is in order with sufficient payment we are able to process passports usually within 2 weeks. Please alert us to any special circumstances e.g. if you are showing/competing, and need the passport urgently.

Main Studbook Offspring is by an AES/WBFSH graded Stallion with three generations of pedigree on both sides of the parentage. 
Auxiliary Studbook Non AES/WBFSH Stallion but three generations pedigree; Or AES/WBFSH graded stallion but not three generations on both sides of the pedigree, OR full known pedigree, but stallion is not licensed with AES/WBFSH member studbook nor recognised by the AES. If you want to register a foal by a non-wbfsh member studbook licensed stallion, please contact the office to check if we can accept the stallion for full main studbook papers.
Foundation Studbook    No pedigree available(ID-only).