AES Horses succeed in Hamburg, Rome and Eindhoven this week

Sunday, May 28

AES Horses succeed in Hamburg, Rome and Eindhoven this week


What a weekend it has been so far, and of course is not over yet! We are delighted to see so many AES horses excelling in the sport, and have some fabulous highlights to share:

On Friday, 26th May, the talented AES mare Winn Winn, daughter of the AES stallion Chin Chin, lived up to her name and won the 1.50m class at the CSIO5* in Rome, a superb result for this lovely mare and her rider, Gianni Govoni. - Congratulations! 

The same day saw another fabulous win at the prestigious Hamburg Derby, where the famous Molly Malone won her 1.50m class with Bertram Allen to add to her long string of wins. Well done!

Friday also saw a great start for AES horses at Eindhoven, with Louise Sawyer and Pewit Nono winning their class, a great day for girl power!

The AES winning streak at Eindhoven continued, and it is a great pleasure to congratulate William Funnell on winning yesterday's Lacom Derby on Billy Buckingham by the AES Elite stallion Billy Congo, bred and owned by Donal Barnwell.

A great weekend for British breeding and AES breeders!