Late Foal Registration


A late registration means that a foal or horse is given an ID and entered into our studbook one year or longer after birth. It remains possible to apply for a passport at any stage, as every horse or pony needs to have an ID document.

Zootechnics regulations require that in order to establish the parentage, all late registrations are subject to a DNA test. For this, we require hair samples from both the horse to be registered and its mother. 

Please find below the list of items to be submitted to us:

  • AES markings diagram
  • AES Genetics form
  • Clear details from the breeder and owner
  • Hair samples collected from the horse to be registered
  • Hair samples collected from the mother

The horse's hair samples should be pulled and individually packaged, clearly labeled with their respective names.

Due to the belated registration of the horse, late registration fees will be applied.