AES Foal Auctions Selections

Thursday, July 11

AES Foal Auctions Selections

We are very much looking forward to the 2019 AES Auctions, offering the biggest choice of opportunities for AES breeders to date! Selections for our brand new Bolesworth AES Elite Foal Auction are now nearing completion, which a very exciting line up of world class foals from some of the very best motherlines there are! But this is not where it ends. We are excited about two more excellent opportunities for British breeders planned for September:

On 16th September we will hold a showjumping and eventing foals auction at Arena UK, with up to 40 spaces for both disciplines. The Arena UK show is extremely vibrant and busy, with competitors and owners attending from all over the UK, providing an excellent platform for this sale and an opportunity to connect with some of the UK's top riders who want to be able to see a great range of quality foals in one convenient location. 

We are also talking to British Dressage abut another Dressage Foal Auction at the National Championships in September, which is planned again for the Saturday evening (14th September). Being able to take our foals to the Nationals is a truly unique opportunity, helping us to place the very best of British dressage breeding in knowledgeable homes where they will be able to fulfil their potential. 

This year, ALL foals that are put forward for selection must be presented at EITHER the British Breeding Futurity OR the Elite Foals Tour, both of which have dates and venues available across the country. 

From the Futurity, foals scoring an Elite will automatically qualify for the auction, those scoring a Gold (the old "First and Higher First" classification, requiring a mark of 8 and above) will be shortlisted. 

From the Elite Foals Tour, Regional Champions and Vice Champions will automatically qualify, Finalists (winners of their group section at the regional show), provided they score a mark of 8 or above, will be shortlisted. 

Entry Fee for the Futurity is £75, which includes a free foal grading with the AES. To book, go to:

Entry Fee for the Elite Foals Tour is £75 + £20 discounted grading fee with the AES. To book, go to:

 Biosecurity Announcement: Please note that all mares must have been boosted for equine influenza within 6 months of attending the auction and selection events. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, you can call Eva on 07834194821.

Here is a full list of dates and venues where you can take your foal:

27th July 2019 - Pencoed College (South Wales), Futurity:

28th July 2019 - Fosshey Stud and Stables (Cheshire), Futurity:

30th July 2019 - Richmond Equestrian Centre (Yorkshire), Futurity:

31st July 2019 - Vale View (Melton Mowbray), Futurity:

1st August 2019 - Writtle College (Essex), Futurity:

2nd August 2019 - Bilsington Priory (Kent), Futurity:

11th August 2019 - Newton Stud (Devon), Elite Foals Tour:

12th August 2019 - Catherston Stud (Hampshire), Elite Foals Tour:

14th August 2019 - Active Equestrian (Bucks), Elite Foals Tour:

15th August 2019 - Clements Equine (Bury St Edmunds), Elite Foals Tour:

16th August 2019 - Springfern Sporthorses (Doncaster), Elite Foals Tour:

17th August 2019 - Bolesworth (Cheshire), Elite Foals Tour:

19th August 2019 - Stanley Grange (Middlesborough), Elite Foals Tour:

20th August 2019 - Barkeldy Equestrian (Fife), Elite Foals Tour:

21st August 2019 - Millfield Stud (Yorkshire), Elite Foals Tour:

22nd August 2019 - Twemlows Stud (Shropshire), Elite Foals Tour:

23rd August 2019 - Castle Farm (Monmouthshire), Elite Foals Tour:

24th August 2019 - Wrestow Stud (Warwickshire), Elite Foals Tour:

26th August 2019 - The Grange, Okehampton (Devon), Futurity:

27th August 2019 - Catherston Stud (Hampshire), Futurity:

29th August 2019 - Addington Manor EC (Buckinghamshire), Futurity:

30th August 2019 - Swallowfield EC (Midlands), Futurity:

31st August 2019 - Newton Rigg (Cumbria), Futurity:

1st September 2019 - Drumcarrow (St Andrews), Futurity: