AES and Brightwells Hold 2018 Elite Dressage Foal Auction

We are proud to announce that this year for the very first time, we are bringing the AES Elite Foal Auction to the British Dressage National Championships! This exciting new development will enable dressage riders and owners to meet a great range of foals selected from across the UK, and raise the profile of British breeding!

What happens at the Auction?

Brightwells Elite Sales are always a great experience, and we are going to make this one a particularly exhilarating event, generating real excitement about the wonderful horses bred in this country. We are inviting buyers from all over the UK and from abroad, specifically targeting those interested in buying British bred foals.

Foals will be presented on their dam, and will remain with the breeder until weaning. Collection arrangement at weaning will be a matter of individual arrangements between buyers and breeders.
Stables will be available from midday on 17th August, the auction itself will take place in the evening of 18th August, further details will be announced closer to the time.

How do I become involved?

Our experienced team of evaluators will travel around the country to visit breeders and select the foals best suited for the auction. Wherever it is practical, we will offer the opportunity to come to a regional venue. If you are interested, please get in touch via email ( or telephone (07834 194821).

After your foal has been selected, you will need to complete the Brightwells Entry form.

How much does it cost?

The AES charges nothing for this opportunity, and those who foals have been selected will benefit from free photography for the auction catalogue and free promotion.
The auction costs are Brightwells usual charges, and their usual conditions for the sales apply, click here for a link to further information from Brightwells [insert link].

What else can the AES do for me?

Our foal selections will be an excellent opportunity for you to take advantage of our other services. For example, we can carry out foal evaluations and registrations there and then. We also recommend that you have your mares graded with us, for entry into our purple section of the studbook. This year, we offer a free foal passport with each mare grading as a special offer. All gradings are carried out using a clear and transparent linear scoring system, which gives you a lot of useful information and feedback.

This is a truly exciting time for British breeding, and we would love you to be part of it!

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