Bolesworth and AES Team up for 2019 Elite Foal Auction


For 2019, we are delighted to announce an exciting new opportunity for breeders and buyers of British bred showjumpers in the Bolesworth AES Elite Foal Auction: This sale will take place on 17thAugust alongside the new Bolesworth Young Horse Championship, which includes the Official British Showjumping Young Horse Championships & WBFSH Qualifiers.


Nina Barbour explains her vision for the show: 


“For me it is very important to keep the Brits in Britain and to reverse the trend that horses need to be both sourced and produced abroad. The Bolesworth AES Elite Foal Auction is a key part of that vision and a great way of connecting breeding with the very top of the sport.


At the AES, we share this philosophy and are excited about being able to offer this fantastic 

opportunity to breeders and buyers alike.


Studbook director Joris van den Oetelaar said:


 “We are looking forward to working with Nina and her team. We share the same values about ensuring that we see more British riders on British horses, and this show and auction will be an important vehicle for bringing the very best of British breeding to the right audience.”


AES registered foals from all over the UK are eligible for pre-selection on the basis of their pedigrees. Breeders are invited to submit full details of the foals they would like to be considered. 


AES spokesperson Dr Eva-Maria Broomer explains:


 “The vision of this auction is to provide a truly exquisite and unique selection of foals not only by the very best proven showjumping sires, but with outstanding damline provenance to match, which includes a minimum requirement of 1.40m success in the recent motherline. We therefore invite breeders to submit the full pedigree details of the foals they would like us to consider prior to the final selection process.”


The Bolesworth AES Elite Foal Auction will be bringing the very best of British breeding to a wide audience of riders and owners to ensure the very best British bred horses are given the opportunity to succeed in the sport.


To find out more about the Bolesworth Young Horse Championships and the new 

Bolesworth AES Elite Foal Auction visit


The auction will run alongside the AES’s other auction activities, which includes plans for another AES Elite Dressage Foal Auction and a further showjumping and eventing auction later in the year. Selection for those sales will take place alongside the summer foal grading activities, which the British Breeding Futurity Series and the Elite Foals Tour. Breeders wishing to be considered for auction selection are invited to contact

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